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Preparatory Seminar 2018

Over 80 students, 20 lecturers and staff, and 30 speakers participated in this seminar week.From the SALT network, three students from Institut Teknologi Bandung as well as one lecturer from Universiti Technologi Malaysia joined the seminar week organised by the International Student Projects of the School of Business, FHNW.

The seminar week was opened by FHNW president Prof. Dr. Crispino Bergamaschi and president School of Business FHNW Prof. Dr. Ruedi Nützi. Both FHNW representative emphasized the importance of globalization at the institution. For the first time, the international student projects were able to organize an opening speech by a Federal Councillor of Switzerland Ms. Doris Leuthard. Ms. Leuthard praised the international mindset of the FHNW and persuaded the students to think across borders. During this intensive seminar week, students were given the opportunity to learn from experts about the respective region. Additionally, the projects visited companies operating in the respective regions. The last day of the seminar week closed with a presentation of the joint sponsor Blaser SwissLube and a panel discussion about digitalisation, artificial intelligence and the impact of technology in Switzerland. Read more about what the International Students Projects and the content of the seminar week in the newsletter Nexus or watch the video from the Joint Friday.



Photo: The project teams with Federal Counsellor Doris Leuthard (ISP, 2018)